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Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem

Price : $49

Bulk messaging software can send bulk text messages to any national or international mobile phone networks directly from computer or laptop device. Now you can easily connect with your business clients, customers, friends and relatives with PC bulk SMS messaging program. Connect multiple numbers of USB modems with computer and send thousands of text messages simultaneously with bulk SMS program.

Bulk SMS software for USB Modems empowers you to compose and send multiple SMS via USB modems connected to PC.

What does bulk SMS software do for you?

  • Provides convenient way to communicate with large number of people
  • Helps you to advertise your products and increase traffic towards your business
  • Easily connects more customers to your business and increases sales
  • Increase brand value and drives targeted customers to your business

Software features:-

  • Sends thousands of text messages from PC using USB Modems.
  • Maintains the list of contact numbers or groups using inbuilt list Wizard option.
  • Provides facility to send standard messages or notification.
  • Provides advance delay delivery option to control the list of contacts or groups.
  • Does not require internet connection to send bulk SMS.
  • Easily send text messages in English or non-English characters.
  • Compatible with entire types of USB modems.
  • Provides facility to skip duplicate number entry during the messages sending procedure.
  • Provides option to save sent messages to templates.

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