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Bulk SMS Software – Professional

Price : $69

Bulk SMS Software – Professional is developed to compose and send multiple numbers of text messages from USB Modems, GSM phones, Android Smart phones or Windows based mobile phones.

SMS messaging program supports Unicode characters to messages in any text format. SMS sending program maintains list of contacts or groups, which you may require during SMS broadcasting using exclusion list wizard option. Group sms sender program provides option to add or paste contact numbers manually or load contacts from files which is saved in excel file.

PC to Mobile SMS Software successfully broadcast unlimited text sms from your personal computer to cell phone device on national/international mobile network without requiring any internet connection. Text messaging program provides option to send text message in single shot or one by one while using Android technology based mobile phones. Software allows you to keep in touch with your family members, friends, customers and others by sending group mobile sms.

Software Features

Sends Bulk SMS : Software facilitates to send bulk text messages at a time from computer to other mobile device by using USB Modems, GSM, Android or Windows phones.

No Internet Connection is required : PC to mobile messaging software does not require any internet connection to send text sms from computer to cell phone devices.

 Sends Global Messages : Global text sms software provides facility to send sms on all national or international mobile networks.

Create Report of Sent SMS : Software provides facility to create sent messages report along with date and time in TXT, HTML or Excel format for further use.   

Supports multi devices : SMS text messaging program supports multiple USB modems and GSM mobile phones to send group text messages.

Supports Unicode Characters : SMS sending program supports Unicode characters to send messages in any text format. 

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